A tip for owners: maintenance and repair requests – what you need to know

Maintaining your rental property is just part and parcel of investment property ownership. At Rentwest, we want to make sure we’re maximising your rental income as well as optimising the long-term capital growth of your property. One important way of achieving this is through regular maintenance and repairs.

You’ll be notified of maintenance or repair requests after one of our scheduled inspections or if a tenant lets us know about a problem. When we contact you we’ll provide you with a report that details the repair requested with supporting photos (if available) and quotes to complete the work. It’s in your best interests to respond promptly to any maintenance requests because:

  • it shows the tenant that you care
  • it reduces the possibility of a liability claim if there is an injury stemming from the item that needs maintenance
  • it increases the possibility that you can successfully negotiate a rent increase.

Next time you receive a maintenance or repair request take action quickly. If you have any concerns or questions, or if you’d like to discuss your maintenance schedule and budget, be sure to let us know.

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