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How to choose the perfect rental location in Perth

Whether you’re a first-time or an experienced renter, renting a house can be an overwhelming experience, and finding the perfect location can often be the most difficult part. Even if you manage to find the Perth rental of your dreams at a reasonable price, the location has the power to make or break your experience.

It can be difficult to pinpoint what it is about a suburb that resonates with you, so start by considering your priorities and the type of tenant you are. Whether you’re a family, student or a retiree, here are some tips on how to choose the perfect Perth rental location.

If you are…

A family

If you are a family looking to rent, you probably want your children to grow up in an environment that is safe, stimulating and feels like a real community. That’s why proximity to parks, open spaces and schools are often of greater importance to families, in addition to proximity to shopping hubs and supermarkets. These family friendly areas are typically quieter and further from the CBD, and create the perfect relaxed environment to raise a family.

A pet owner

In principle, having a fur baby isn’t that different from having a family, so there’s a high chance you’ll be looking for the same features in your pet-friendly rental: proximity to open spaces and parks where you can stretch your furry friend’s legs. Additionally, if you have a cat who loves to roam, you may want to avoid busy main roads.

On top of considering the location, make sure the rental itself is suitable for your pet. This can be as simple as ensuring your rental is spacious with an outdoor area and fencing; non-carpeted floors also get a thumbs-up as they’re easier to maintain if your pet moults.

A student or young professional

If you’re a student or a young professional, accessibility to university or your office will undoubtedly be a top priority. This may mean choosing a Perth rental location that’s close to a bus stop or a train station, or a short drive away from your university or workplace. You should also consider proximity to the CBD; inner city suburbs, for example, are great for young renters or professionals looking to indulge in the local nightlife and restaurant scene.


If you plan to spend your golden years relaxing in style, a quieter and leisurely location close to amenities such as pools and gyms is the perfect area to retire in. It’s also worthwhile to make sure there are supermarkets and shopping centres nearby. When everything you need is walking distance from home, what more could you want? Similar to family-friendly areas, locations suitable for retirement tend to be further from the CBD, or they could even be a coastal suburb with ample fresh air.

A FIFO worker or a frequent traveller

If you are a fly-in fly-out employee or travel frequently for work, living close to the airport and travel links is likely going to be a bigger priority. After all, you want to spend the weeks that you’re home doing things that matter such as seeing family and friends – not commuting back and forth from the airport or train station. For example, the Eastern suburbs of Perth are perfect for FIFO workers thanks to the Forrestfield-Airport Link currently under construction.

Expert advice from your trusted property manager

Given the many factors to consider when finding the perfect Perth rental location, it can be worthwhile to get some professional help. Whether your heart is set on a particular suburb or you need some help finding an area suitable for your needs, the experienced property managers at Rentwest can assist you on your quest to find a Perth rental. For more information on our property management solutions, get in touch with us on 08 9314 9888 or email us at

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