Finding tenants Perth

How to find the perfect tenant

Once you have received the rental application for your Perth rental property, it’s time to start the applicant review process. Finding a long-term, tidy and respectful tenant who will treat your Perth rental property as if it were their own home can be tough. Getting the right applicants starts with choosing the right type of property for your investment goals, as well as having a clear message in the marketing of your Perth rental and the right reference check processes in place. Here are some tips on how to secure the perfect tenant for your Perth rental property.

Be clear in your marketing

To get the right tenant for your Perth rental property, you need to attract the right viewers to your home open. How do you do this? It starts with your marketing strategy. The way you describe your Perth rental and its location can speak volumes to potential tenants. Is the rental property ‘a large family home in a quiet neighbourhood’ or is it a cosy, one-bedroom apartment close to the Perth CBD? Both descriptions will attract very different tenants: families or a working single/couple. If you have a particular type of tenant in mind for your Perth rental, talk to your property management team ahead of time so they can create a marketing strategy with your ideal tenant in mind.

Do your due diligence

Carefully checking over rental applicants’ previous rental history, finances, and personal references will allow you to get a better understanding of how the applicants are as tenants, their ability to make rental payments on time, and their personal character. These applicant questions are standard, and are included in most real estate agent’s application forms. A landlord or elected property management team will carefully check through all rental applications, conducting a financial assessment and reference check to ensure potential tenants are the right fit for your rental property.

Property choice affects tenant types

Different types of Perth rentals attract different types of tenants. Apartments and low bedroom properties are better suited to solo-renters or couples, whereas multi-bedroom properties, townhouses and houses are more likely to attract families and roommates. Location also plays a key role in the types of tenants your Perth rental property will attract. CBD central or proximity to direct Transperth lines are high priorities for full-time city workers and students, whereas proximity to parks and playgrounds will attract families or tenants with pets. Talk to your Perth property manager about what type of tenant is suitable for the location before listing your Perth rental.

Choosing the right tenant for your rental property is made easy with the help of the professional property management team at Rentwest. Our experienced staff can advise property investors and rental property owners on how to attract the right tenant to suit their individual preferences and property location. For more information on our property management solutions, please get in touch with our team via or call 9314 9888.

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