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A renter’s guide to choosing a home

Are you a first-time renter and in need a little guidance on where, what, and how to apply for a Perth rental property? Choosing your first place out of the family home can be a little daunting and trying to decide if the rental property is right for you in a 10-minute open inspection can be even more difficult. To make things a little easier, here are some key checks you should make whilst researching and viewing Perth rental properties.

Always visit the property in person

If you work full time, making the midweek open inspection times can be a challenge; however, it is a must when applying for a Perth rental property. Whilst you can get a good idea of what the property looks like through the online listing, it isn’t a guaranteed reflection of the property – e.g. will your bed, fridge or couch fit in the space? If you cannot make a specific open inspection time, contact the property manager to see if there is an alternative time scheduled.

Don’t rent more than you can handle

One of your key responsibilities as a tenant is properly maintaining the property. If you have an exceptionally busy schedule with work or uni, applying for a property with a large garden or pool may not be suitable. Unless the property has a gardener or pool cleaner included in the tenancy agreement, these items require constant maintenance and could prove a hassle to a time-poor tenant. The size of the property itself is also a key factor when choosing a Perth rental. If you are looking for a property for two people, properties with a large number of bedrooms won’t only put a strain on your budget, it will also require more time for cleaning.

Is the rental property functional?

If you are looking to rent as a family or with housemates, the layout of a rental property is extremely important. Things like dual living areas, adequate storage and multiple bathrooms are all key factors to consider. If you are looking to rent with housemates, always check the number of allocated car bays at the open inspection. If there is only one allocated with the rental property listed online, check with the property manager as to whether street parking is permitted or if permits are available to tenants.

Always read the fine print

If you’ve found your dream home, attended the open inspection and been successful in your rental application – you’re almost ready to sign on the dotted line. But before you do, make sure you read through the tenancy agreement thoroughly, and check anything you’re unsure of with the landlord or Perth property manager before signing. This will ensure you are fully aware of all expectations of you as the tenant, and what the landlord is responsible for. It is also best practice to read over any additional requirements stated in the end of lease agreement, and to check the property condition report thoroughly when you move in to ensure it is true and accurate.

Need help finding a rental in Perth?

If can’t find any rental options that suit your rental preferences, speaking to a Perth property management team is a great way to save you scouring through the entire Perth real estate listings. The experienced property management team at Rentwest can help you find your dream home, and offer expert advice on availability, tenancy agreements and the Perth real estate market. For more information about our property management solutions, or to find out about available rental properties, get in touch with our team via or call 9314 9888.

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